As some of you may already know: My family and I left New York City in August 2020 and we moved to Switzerland.
A team of Swiss TV visited us in NYC and Switzerland and filmed us during the whole process and so we will be part of the documentation called „HIN UND WEG“. Airing time starts on May 14th 2021.
I look forward to spending more time in Switzerland, although we also plan on spending some time in Boston this year.
I just fInished recording the audio-children book MONSOON, written by Joël Tan. The book is targeted for girls of 10 years and older.I highly recommend it for all the horse lovers who like to dive into exciting reading-adventures. And one more good thing to mention here, this is only the first book of a whole series!

Now I look forward to reading the thriller TIEFENZONE, written by the German Author Andreas J. Schulte. I’m going to tell you more after I’ve finished reading it!
This is my 10th year in the SBS library, and I’ve recorded more than 35 audiobooks. The Swiss TV Documentary team came to film me during my work there, so if you’re interested, you should definitely tune in at „HIN UND WEG“, starting May 14th 2021 in SRF.

EUROVISION (with Will Ferrell and Rachel McAdams), a Netflix-movie about the yearly European Song Contest, came out in 2020.
I proudly played the role of the Swiss Voter in this comedy.
For everyone who loves music and needs a break from these crazy times, this one is a must see!
On July 25th 2020, Danny and I said yes! We married In Mohonk, NY, a setting of breathtaking beauty. The wedding party was just our son Findley, our Bridesmaid Jimibeth and Best man Jason.
Under the bottom “Photos” I have shared some of the official photos with you. We had an absolute dream day and I hope very much to return to this magical place someday soon.
Privately I am proud to be a Suter Stillman now. As a singer and actress I will keep my name Eveline Suter though.
On November 9th 2019, our son, Findley Mack, was born!
I am endlessly grateful for our family luck, completely in love with my baby and I could not be any happier. It’s a miracle!
From the bottom of my heart, thanks to everyone who thought of us, wrote or called us, and for all the lovely wishes and presents!
I am so happy to announce that Danny and I are expecting our baby this November! My new role as a Mom will probably turn my life upside down at first, but I am sure I will be on stage soon again!
So grateful to finally becoming a Mama!
Although my belly was already pretty visible, I was still able to play the role of the Swiss host in EUROVISION, a new Netflix movie, starring Will Ferrell and Rachel McAdams. The movie is currently being shot in London, Iceland and Scotland.